June Newsletter: The rapid change in the digital world in 6 months


Who would have thought it? The digital world has aged by about 10 years in just six months. It’s like waking up one day and discovering your child has turned into a teenager overnight. But none of this COVID was expected. I count myself lucky to be someone who opted for a career in IT a decade (or two) before this all happened. COVID has accelerated technology into another level where it can no longer discriminate. Just think about our senior citizens for a moment. They have had no choice but to use video conferencing to reach their loved ones during lockdown. And how about teachers who were born to interact with others on a personal level. Having to teach remotely unexpectedly at the outset of the pandemic was a sure-fire way to kill their teaching buzz. The list goes on.

Today, virtually (or literally should I say) everyone must change the way they use technology. Digital skills are more critical now than ever, and I count my lucky stars to be where I am as a digital user, because for those who are new or only emerging their digital skills, the world must be a pretty scary place right now.

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Skilling and upskilling the digital workforce has always been a significant part of our business, but today we are in a position to help every digital learner regardless of age, lifestyle, or digital ability. From the rookie to homeschooler, instructor or experienced IT professional, our portfolio of practical live-labs has something to suit everyone, pre, during and post COVID.


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Thanks to those who completed our recent customer survey. We've received some great feedback, with comments on our high response rate, lab delivery, communication and the overall learning experience. Our Customer Care Team has responded to individuals who have put forward any suggestions and we will keep everyone updated on developments to our platform and service. The survey is still open, so if you're ready to share your opinion, you can do so here.


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We're pleased to introduce the newest edition to the Practice Labs Portfolio - Managing Modern Desktops MD-101. Contact eps@practice-labs.com if you'd like to know more.


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Digital Literacy Fundamentals

Digital Literacy Fundamentals - Productivity, Career Hub Practice Lab - 31st August 2020

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Cyber Security Fundamentals

Cyber Security Fundamentals - Security, Career Hub Practice Lab - 31st August 2020


Curious to see our full library? Use the following link to download and view our latest Practice Lab portfolio, or view our roadmap here.  Feel free to drop an email to eps@practice-labs.com and one of the team will be happy to arrange complimentary evaluation access.


In terms of office life, I am personally longing for a mass return because I miss my CREW a lot. I am enjoying a phased return to the office and it's great seeing colleagues more often than not, but together with most businesses I remain realistic that we will never revert back to the office life we once knew. But here's to welcoming all the digital emergees, and to the quieter office environment.

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